December 19, 2018

Had another amazing day at Deer Valley today. It snowed a couple of inches last night, so the snow was nice and soft. We got out around 10am, so we missed first tracks, but since this week isn’t very busy for Park City, we still hit some nice groomers.

We started on the Quincy and Silver Strike lifts on Flagstaff Mountain and skied Blue Bell, Hawkeye, Sidewinder, Hidden Treasure, and Star Gazer. Sidewinder and Star Gazer were the best. They were nicely groomed and running fast. The sunlight hitting them much of the morning only helped.

After that we headed over to Empire and skied the whole peak. Daly Bowl and Daly Chutes were great with the new snow, just be careful with the steepness and the trees mixed into the trail. Supreme was somewhat skied off but still a good run, much like Orion. The best runs were Lady Morgan Bowl and Conviction. They both were very soft and fast. We grabbed one of Empire Lodge’s famous cookies afterwards which was awesome. check our instagram, @powder_tracks, later for a GoPro video of Lady Morgan Bowl!

Next we headed to Bald Mountain to finish our day. We essentially flew up and down Nabob and Birdseye, two of my favorite runs. Even though it was later in the day, they both held up nicely. After 22 runs, it was time to head back in for the day. Another great ski day at Deer Valley!

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