New Day, New Skis

So today marked my third day skiing at Deer Valley this season. Before coming out, I had decided it was time to get new skis. I had been skiing Atomic Vantages for six years and was looking for a change. The Atomics were 95mm underfoot and not knowing whether I wanted to go wider or narrower, the guys at Christy Sports, my go-to shop at Deer Valley, told me to demo a few pairs for a while to get a feel of what I really wanted.

Long story short, I demoed a bunch of skis (which I will review in coming blogs) and decided on a pair of Volkl Kendos. I went with the 177cm length since I felt the most stable on them.

What it came down to for me was the edge hold of the skis. A few of the other pairs I tried were great at slower speeds and with wider turns, but when I began to press the pace a bit and try to get edge-to-edge quicker, the Kendos were clearly the best for me. Their edge hold and speed from side-to-side worked perfectly with my skiing style. A lot of this has to do with its taper that begins toward the front of the ski as well as its camber underfoot.

Having the ski chosen, I had to rely on the expertise of Christy’s staff to direct me to the right binding. In the end, I went with the Tyrolia AAAttacks. These bindings were made for the type of aggression I ski with. They sit low to the ski, providing more control and responsiveness, as well as power.

Skis are the most expensive and most important piece of equipment you can buy, so making sure you go about purchasing the right pair for you and your style is the most important. If you are fast and aggressive like me, maybe the Kendos and Tyrolia AAAttacks are worth a shot.

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