Atomic Vantage 97TI

I had the opportunity to ski the new Atomic Vantage 97TI recently. It was a chilly day, so after getting some toe and hand warmers, we set out on the mountain. Both the skis, the hand and foot warmers I used are below.

It snowed about six inches the night before, so a lot of the trails were soft and slow. These skis performed great on those trails since they are somewhat relaxed edge-to-edge. The rocker also proved to handle well in the snow. However, if you are going to ski some really deep powder, you may want to look into a thicker ski for better handling.

When we hit the groomers, the skis still handled well, but when I picked up the pace a bit, the lack of speed going edge-to-edge was noticeable. They still preformed very well and held an edge, but if you are a fast skier, just be aware of the speed while changing edges.

Overall, they were a fun and solid ski that performed very well in soft and deep snow, but were a bit lacking in speed control on the groomed trails. Also, for those wondering, I use the Rossignol All Track 90 boots.

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