Elan Ripstick 96 – The Color Isn’t The Only Fun Thing With These Skis

Wow!!!! These Elan Ripsticks are fun and boy can they fly. Elan went back to the drawing board (so to speak) and created this years winner (in my opinion) for most fun skis. I skied these neon green beauties last week and they held an edge remarkably well for a thicker (96 under foot) ski, making them great for groomed trails and lower level pow days. For the deep stuff, be sure to get a wider pair of skis, just like with the Atomic Vantages.

On the groomers They held an edge really well – even at high speeds. However, if you push them to hard, they might rattle a little bit on the turns. They do have a cousin ( which is an upgrade of these skis) with carbon fiber inside instead of fiberglass. I review these beasts in a different blog.

If you are a tactical to moderately fast skier and looking for a lot of control and edge hold, definitely look into these skis.

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