The Best Snow Boots for Women!

Looking for the perfect snow boot for women? Check out the Ugg Viki Waterproof Boot. 

It has always been a challenge of mine to find a snow boot that I could wear at any time without feeling weighed down. There is nothing worse than bulky boots that are heavy and uncomfortable. I have the answer to your problem! 

Not only are these boots fashion forward with an external fur tongue but they are BEYOND comfortable. Ugg has designed the laces in a streamline fashion. With two hooks on either side at the top, it is easy to slide in and out of the shoes. I do not feel like I am wearing large snow boots when I walk around a resort or city, and I have the luxury of not watching my step!

I am happy to report I found the ultimate women’s snow boot!!! I will write again soon with the best in the men’s department.

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