Try SoulCycle!!

It is extremely important to work out all year in preparation for the winter. There is nothing worse than needing to go into the lodge due to pure burning in your legs; our goal is to stay out on the mountain as long as we can!!

To us SoulCycle is the best way to get ready for ski season. It is a full body workout with cardio at its core. Resistance is crucial throughout the 45 minute class which helps build not only leg muscles, but also endurance. Whether the teacher calls for a slow uphill walk, or a fast sprint they have found the perfect song to accompany it.

Towards the end of the class one song is dedicated to your upper-body. Each instructor incorporates their favorite moves ranging from slow triceps all the way to alternating jabs. Trust me by the end of this section your arms will feel like jello!

I think the things that keeps me coming back to SoulCycle are positive affirmations throughout the class as well as how different each session is. I love a workout that keeps me on my feet and SoulCycle displays that every time! Each instructor is different, along with each playlist, leading to different moves and vibes.

If you can’t tell I LOVE SOULCYCLE, and I highly suggest you try it for mental and physical toughness. Let us know what you think!

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