Elan Ripstick 96 Black Edition – Get Ready to Fly

So I took the base model Ripsticks for a spin and loved them, but also noted how when pushed really hard they can have a tough time holding an edge without rattling a little. So, what I needed to do next was grab their big brother, the Ripstick Back Edition, complete with carbon fiber.

These skis FLY. They do everything the base model can do but better with more stability and control. Want to hit 70MPH and carve edge-to-edge while you are doing it, these are THAT stable. It’s like driving a BMW SUV with front wheel drive then transitioning to four-wheel drive.

I underestimated the stability the carbon fiber would give you, but it makes a world of difference. At slower speeds, you cannot really tell the difference between the two, but when you push them, that’s where the Ripstick Black Editions really shine.

Highly recommend!

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