Give the Boot Time

Finding the perfect ski boot is essential if you want to shred on the mountain! Our equipment is suppose to help us down the slope and not restrict us from having the time of our life!!

When flying out to Utah for the first time this season, I decided I was going to get a new pair of boots; with that I knew pain was on its way. By now, it is a known fact that ski boots are not slippers…but they shouldn’t kill either, right?

Once I was sized up at Christy Sports I tried on several different models, including the Lange RX. This snug fit was declared the best as it was a bit more comfortable than the others. Leaving the shop I was excited to head out skiing but nervous to break in my new boots.

The first five days I skied on my brand new Lange RXs was honestly, horrible. I felt like after every run I had to head back into Christy’s for a punch out in a different area. I couldn’t enjoy one of my favorite activities until day six…

Relief, FINALLY!! After the pain of breaking in my boots came pure bliss (still not quite like slippers). I am now able to fly down the mountain without needing a break!

I can confidently say that I have found the best ski boot for a female with a rather straight leg and foot with a high instep.

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