2019 – Lets Go!

Hope everyone had a great NYE yesterday and you all are going to be able to find some time to ski in the coming weeks. I am going to Maine to ski for a few days and it is going to be really cold when I go. So, it got me thinking, what are the best things to wear on a cold ski day other than the obvious ski jacket and pants? All of these products are linked below.

First on the list is a Smartwool Balaclava. This is my personal go-to for a cold day. It is thin and warm, the perfect combo. Second is the always handy (get it?) hand and toe warmers. Nothing is worse than cold toes or hands when you are skiing, so these are a necessity.

Lastly are the gloves. I know some people prefer mittens on a cold day, but I prefer gloves for whatever reason. I use the Swany X-Change gloves and have found them perfect no matter the weather and they also have a small pocket above the back of your hand that is perfect for a hand warmer.

Hope this helps! Have a great time skiing and stay warm!

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