Maine Skiing!

I mentioned earlier this week that I was heading up to Sunday River to cap of the holiday season. After skiing out west for a few weeks, this was my first day skiing out east this season.

On top of White Heat

Sunday river is one of the best in the east. It has seven peaks, which makes for some great options in terrain. You can go from skiing Lollapalooza, an easy, swooping green, to White Heat, one of the steepest and most challenging trails in New England.

We had a great day. It was freezing, but we were out there from first to last lift, besides a quick stop for Bloody Marys mid-way through the day…DELICIOUS!

Conditions were pretty good. Most of it was granular and hard, exactly what you expect in New England. Some of the runs were on the softer side, especially if the sun was hitting them for much of the day.

The mountain also was fairly empty, which made for an easy day to move around. The only hiccup was when my phone fell out of my pocket on a chairlift (that was a ton of fun to find).

Anyways, it was a great day and if you are in New England, or will be anytime soon, I highly recommend Sunday River!

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