Apres Ski

So imagine this, you just finished your long day of skiing and all you need is to sit back by a fire and relax with a drink for a little while. Well, you have come to the right place.

Both mountains I have skied recently have had great apres ski options. At Deer Valley, the best places on the mountain are the three hotels, the St. Regis, the Stein Eriksen Lodge, and the Montage. All offer fairly similar options but with their own twist on them. All have amazing hot chocolate, especially the Stein Eriksen, and all have great cocktails. The St. Regis has a drink called the Alpine Bramble which features gin from the Alpine Distillery in Park City. The Montage has a great drink called Winter Wonderland, which is a great coffee drink with Jameson. All of them also have great beer selections as well as world class Bloody Marys, especially at the Stein Eriksen. And the most important aspect of any apres ski hangout is the atmosphere. All three hotels have a laidback, relaxed setting.

At Sunday River, the options are a bit more limited, but still very enjoyable. The main place to go for food and drinks after a day on the slopes is the Foggy Goggle. They have great local liquor and beer selections as well as tons of different food options, particularly bar-type food. It is perfect after a full day of skiing.

Everyone knows that apres ski is one of the best parts of the day, so make sure to take advantage of it and find your go-to place wherever you ski!

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