Spa Day!!!!

I think I can speak for the majority when I say “spa days are the BEST!” From the calming music to the herbal smells there is nothing more relaxing then a treatment or two…;)

I have been to spas that have let me down in a few different resorts around the world. Whether their relaxation room was too concentrated, the food service was unavailable, or they were just overbooked, I left disappointed. There is one spa that I have booked several times and NEVER been disappointed.

The Spa at the Stein Eriksen Lodge is seriously out of a movie. From the complementary snacks and beverages, to the cold plunge, to the steam room there is no room for improvement. The relaxation room is beyond comfortable accompanied with plush pillows and knit blankets.

During my experiences at the Stein Eriksen Lodge I have waited with a maximum of two other people giving me the space and comfort I desire in a place of relaxation. Along with a delicious food and beverage menu delivered to you at anytime throughout your experience, I’m serious when I say trust me and invest in an appointment!!

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