How to Keep Your Legs in Shape

Skiing can take a toll on your body, especially after skiing for a few days in a row for whole days. After my first few days skiing this year, my legs were noodles, not because of strength, but because of soreness.

Skiing anything from bumps to powder can really effect your legs the next day and can potentially change the way you ski, so I wanted to highlight some things I do in the offseason and during ski season that help to make sure my legs do not hurt the next morning.

I run about 3 miles a day and do basic body-weight exercises such as pushups and planks. For legs, I like to mix in squats and leg presses and similar exercises as well for strength. Sometimes instead of running, I use a stationary bike as well.

However, the most important thing I do is stretch before and after. I have a specific stretching routine I do before and after I workout, as well as before and after I ski. I will have those in a separate blog later this week. I also foam roll and use a stick roller after I work out every day. It really helps with the fatigue and helps me feel better the next day so I can ski all day once again.

Hope this helps those of you who have wondered how to keep yourself in ski-shape!

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