Germany and Austria Pounded with Deadly Snow Storm

This is really terrifying. The Swiss Alps and its surrounding areas have been absolutely pummelled by snow recently. Sounds great right? Well with all this snow comes avalanches, which have been disastrous and deadly. 16 people have tragically died from the snow and the avalanches it has caused and many are stranded or still missing. Even some emergency personnel have died while they were trying to trigger avalanches.

This is obviously a terrible situation and our thoughts are with those affected. This storm has even reached central Spain, where their temperatures have reached an all-time low. The largest amounts have come in Germany and Austria where there has been over 10 feet of snow. Sounds awesome, but unfortunately not. Even at Zermatt, tens of thousands have been stranded because nobody can leave the resort or get to it.

Just imagine being all excited to spend a weekend away skiing in the Alps and you see how much snow is expected. I would be hyped for that much snow. Thats more than I have ever seen in my life. But unfortunately, 120 inches of snow in a handful of days is not as good as it seems. I would love to be out there skiing, but more importantly hope everyone is okay.

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