Feel Good Story out of Idaho

I would be willing to bet any of you who grew up in an area where it snowed had some sort of ski program to a local mountain after school. I had that program throughout elementary and middle school and it was the highlight of my week. Some nostalgia for you.

Well, a small community, Naples, Idaho, has that same type of program and it is apparently a big deal when the younger students in elementary school have their first opportunity to go ski with the fourth and fifth graders.

The school system had raised the money for these students to be able to go, and obviously they were super excited. Unfortunately, however, the money they had raised was stolen from the school by a thief and they were unable to get it back. Anyone who would steal money from an elementary school is obviously scum of the earth. So this feel good story took a turn for the worst.

But, a happy ending. The community and the ski mountain were able to come together to let the younger students go skiing with the fourth and fifth graders. It’s nice to see the community come together after one fool tried to get in the middle of it.

So props to the Naples community and Schweitzer Ski Mountain on stepping up and doing the right thing for these kids!

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