Resort Attire

Taking a nice hot shower after a long day skiing is extremely relaxing and something I always look forward to. The problem is what to put on after. If you are going out to dinner or into town you can’t leave in your pajamas or sweats…you need to leave in a cashmere set!!

The newest craze of 2019 are sets (my favorite being cashmere sets, of course). They are extremely easy to throw on after a ski day and be considered resort ready. Not only are they easy but also extremely cute as many different companies have started their own productions.

Whether you are going to your hotels dinner options, or traveling to get food, boots or sneakers would be perfect with this look! Companies such as SomethingNavy, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, ReDone, Naked Cashmere, and so many more have created their take on the infamous cashmere set.

Let us know what brands you like the best!!

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