Best Luggage

Having the right luggage is essential when traveling anywhere in the world. We have gone through countless brands over the years, but Tumi always seems to have the most durable and fashionable options!

We live on the east coast, so when traveling to the west coast we try to pack as smart as possible. With that being said we are extreme over-packers!! When trying to fix our horrible habit we each decided we would take one carry-on and one backpack so that our only checked luggage was the skis.

The best part of sticking to our plan is that it is so easy to get in and out of the airport without ample bags and waiting at baggage claim (waste of time)! Tumi is rather expensive, but we are fortunate enough to live about fourty-five minutes away from an outlet that has some really great deals.

Not only do our backpacks match our respective carry-ons, but they are also monogrammed which is so special and unique to us. Between the style and practicality of Tumi, you cannot go wrong!!!

If you have any Tumi pieces, what are they?! We would love to know!

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