Brand to Live By:

We have always been into brands that are comfortable, stylish, and have words to live by. So many different brands have showcased these attributes, but we would argue the most consistent one is Lululemon.

If you are looking for male or female clothing, Lululemon will suit you. Their material is out of this world along with the fit of each individual piece. Pants, shirts, jackets, hats, and everything in between, I guarantee you will find yourself at Lululemon constantly.

I would consider Lululemon to be a bit pricey, but if you follow the companies washing instructions properly I assure you the clothes will last for decades. Some of my first articles of clothing I still wear today including a scuba hoodie, energy sports bra, and speed-up leggings (SoulCycle approved)!

If you are looking to get something in the mens department, Lululemon has only expanded this section of their store over the years. Our favorites include the city sweat jogger and the evolution polo.

Let us know what your favorites from Lululemon are!

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