Slip Investment

I am here to write about a brand that I have genuinely fallen in love with. I cannot imagine my life without their products in my life and I am beyond excited to key all of you into my obsession!

Slip is a brand that specializes in their silk products ranging from eye masks, to pillow cases, to robes. I have three of their products and one specifically on my wish list!!

I currently own the pillowcase, the eye mask, and the hair scrunchies. Regarding the pillowcase, I have found that my skin is more clear on the side that I sleep on than it was before, as well as my hair is not as frizzy in the morning. The eye mask is plush and soft on my face and does not cause any pressure on my eyes as I have found some eye masks to do in the past. Lastly, the hair scrunchies are LIFE CHANGING. I have very thick hair and it is often that hair elastics pull my hair out leaving a dent for me to work with. These scrunchies are beyond comfortable to use all day (and sleep in) leaving no crease and no pain!

Invest, invest, invest!!! You will not regret it.

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