Cross Country Ski Blog

Photo: Allan Spangler

Really cool story out of Alaska. Three men decided to ski almost all of the cross country ski trails in Anchorage, about 90 miles, in one day. It took then 12.5 hours.

Peter Brewer, Cody Priest and Allan Spangler decided to take up this challenge a few days ago and finished it. They were able to connect all of the trails together into one massive loop. They only stopped two times, once to look at maps, and the second time was to change clothes and skis.

They did it to challenge themselves, but hope that it becomes an actual challenge that people in and around the city do for themselves.

There are a ton of cross country trails in the Anchorage area and it is really cool to see these guys taking advantage of them all in one day! I have only cross country skied once, and it is no easy feat, especially after being used to alpine skis. Crazy to think how far these guys got.

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