Best Lip Balm

Finding a good lip balm is an extremely difficult task. To find the perfect consistency and one good for both nigh time repairment as well as daytime gloss can be challenging. After many years of searching I have found the best product and I am beyond excited to share it with you all!

The Laneige sleeping mask is the best lip balm ever!! The balm is in a tub, yet it comes with an applicator to prevent you from getting your finger dirty in public. It is beyond moisturizing with a glossy finish to wear through the day and night. I use the berry flavor, but I am eager to try out the newest flavor, vanilla!

Laneige recently released their lip balm in a stick form which is a great addition to their company. It will be easier for on the go people who do not want to bring their tub on a trip. I am going to try them out along with the newest flavors and let you know what I think!

What are your favorite lip balms?

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