Splurge Item!

I know that I need a splurge item in my life when I repeatedly find myself on the companies webpage. I am a huge advocate for street style and I am obsessed with any luxury sneaker no matter how crazy.

I bought my first pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers about two years ago and they have always been a little snug in the toe box. Overtime they have stretched out but are still not the most comfortable shoes to wear. I would sell them, but to be completely honest they are just too cite to get rid of.

This past weekend I visited the new Neiman Marcus at Hudsons Yards in NYC. Besides being a new and beautiful store they had a great GGDB selection and I couldn’t resist. I bought a pair of Mid Star’s (my first purchase were May’s) in my true size and they are so comfortable!

My advise would be to try on the shoes (especially if they are pricy) because the same brand can have shoes that fit differently.

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