New Task

As spring is now in full swing, and the weather is becoming warm, it is time to eat right and workout regularly. It can be difficult depending on your situation but I have made a pact with myself to eat whole and workout several times a week with the goal of feeling lighter and happier in my own skin.

I am currently in college in a rather rural part of New York, so the access I have to things are slim. I have found a spin studio nearby that gets the job done (although I may not enjoy it like I do SoulCycle). Additionally I have found both a Whole Foods and Trader Joes nearby to stock my room with green goodness. I went ahead and threw out junk that was built up in my room so I am not tempted to eat any processed foods.

One of my biggest problems is having food in my room to eat that is healthy. It is easy to eat crackers or chips when really a meal is an essential at the time. Without any kitchen space it can be difficult but there are ways to work around that such as pre-made salads and microwave meals.

I will keep you guys along my journey and I am eager to hear about your own experiences! The off season is just as important as in season!

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